Village Market ATL Founder & CEO Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon

Career: CEO Village Market Atlanta

Steps towards becoming a CEO:  College Degree – Classroom Teacher – Adminstrator – Department of Education – CEO

Each step was intensified by my passion to do well in each stage.

1- What 3 tips would you give someone struggling to reach their goals?

Ask yourself these questions: Is the goal my passion? Will it better my life…the quality of my life? If the answer is no, new goals ?

Ensure that your friend tribe fills your cup… When you are facing setbacks, you must have a strong sister or brother tribe that you can pull from.

Have you committed the greatest of yourself to the goal? Or, are you treating it like a hobby? Be honest. If it’s a hobby, the goal needs your magic. If you have given all of yourself to this goal, surrender until you have more to give.

2- Name the top 3 goals you achieved?

  • Becoming a high school teacher (though I’ve retired, haha); I always wanted to be a teacher.
  • Finishing my Ed.D- first generation ?
  • Creating my own company (The Village Market ATL)
  • Getting and using my passport…. that’s four… but, it was hard. ?

3- What inspired you to reach your goals?

My family and my former students. As well as attending Tougaloo College- going to Tougaloo opened the world to me…a world that Black excellence was the standard. I saw myself differently because I was led by people who could “see” me.

I want so much for this life of mine. I want to see, do, experience, live with my arms and heart wide open- that inspires me every-day.


4- How did you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals?

Faith. Prayer. Self-determination.

I have a strong muscle to push pass setbacks and obstacles. I do not tire or give up easily, if it is something I believe in. My passion helps me jump hurdles and if I may fall, it helps me to get back up again.

My passion: Teaching. Creating experiences, curating events and learning opportunities that change the narrative. People. I am such an introvert but I love the connection to people and good energy.

I also have an incredible network and loving, loving friends and family.

5- How do you keep your inspiration from decreasing?

Resting. Praying.  Disconnecting. Traveling.

Random days that have nothing to do with my everyday hustle and bustle, keeps me floating. Having random conversations with people at  coffee shops.

I am also deeply connecting to myself. I listen to how I feel. If I am not well, I disconnect.

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