Minerva Glover (Richmond, VA)

Career: Paralegal

Steps towards becoming a Paralegal: After graduating from college, I worked for Capital One for a few years, and I longed to work in the legal field. It took me several years to decide to put in the work to switch careers. Once I became committed, I decided to return to school to receive my certification as a paralegal. Sometimes detours occur, but we must keep pushing towards our goals until we achieve them.

1- Name the top 3 goals you achieved?

#1 I successfully went away to school and graduated in 4 years with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

#2 Graduated with my masters in business administration

#3 My current goal is still in progress, to own commercial/rental real estate, it is time to build LEGACY. Got to leave something for those behind me. Time to elevate my family to the next level financially.

2- What inspired you to reach your goals?

I looked around, and what I saw was not what I wanted in my life. I wanted to go further than my parents as they did not graduate college. I didn’t want to financially struggle as my parents did. I didn’t want that look of surrender/the look of someone who has given up and has now settled on the idea that “this” is all it is. I saw this look on so many faces as I rode the train home from work and on those, I passed as I walked down the street, and I knew that I wanted something different.

I believe it was the spirit telling me to take the leap and go away to college. I went 6 hours away from home, with literally no money. I really don’t know how I made it. The whole time, my mom was telling me, “we can’t afford it,” you need to come back home and go to school in NY. They sent me money when they could, mostly by check (no apps back then) and it was highly likely that the check would bounce. BUT, through it all I continued to listen to that voice that said KEEP GOING, DON’T GIVE UP.

My goal of going to grad school was kind of a goal 1b. I always wanted to go to law school, but right after I graduated with my undergrad degree, I got married and had a baby. Years later, after the kids got older, I decided to get a masters degree in hopes of advancing my career. It was a struggle, because it had been some time since I have written a college paper or calculated a math problem, and to do it with a family was added pressure. BUT GOD, I heard the voice again saying KEEP GOING, DON’T GIVE UP.

3- How did you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals?

What I find works the most is to keep moving, and keep going. It is similar to working out or trying to lose weight. It is not a quick fix, it takes time, and the best thing to do when you are running that mile or struggling in that step class is to keep moving. One day at a time and one step at a time.

Also, have a plan, even if you deviate from the plan, it keeps you focused. What you fail to plan for, you fail to accomplish. Write it down.

Praying and meditating on the word of God.

Talking often with those in my “Village” (those who I trust and will tell me the truth).

4- How do you keep your inspiration from decreasing?

It is hard at times to remain inspired, life can make me lose focus. Helping others keeps me inspired. I listen to ET (Eric Thomas, the hip hop preacher), Bishop TJ Jacks and Pastor Steve Furtick. Going to church regularly keeps me inspired, reading the bible (although I don’t read it, as much as I like to). Talking to my mom. She always knows just want to say.

5- What 3 tips would you give someone struggling to reach their goals?

  1. Write it down
  2. Trust the process
  3. Enjoy the journey
  4. PRAY
    (Sorry that was four)