McKenzy P. Germain (San Francisco, CA)

Career: Product Manager/Entrepreneur 

1-How did you become a professional in your current field?

In order to gain more real time experience, I accepted odd jobs that I didn’t like (preparation), until I was able to seize an opportunity around the role that I wanted to play. Which, was literally 2 positions after leaving feature film to join the tech world in Silicon Valley.

2- What is a quality that makes you successful in your career? 

“I’m an extremely, extremely persistent person. Extremely. And when I believe I am right, and it is important, I will go to the end of the earth.”

3-What 3 tips would you give someone struggling to reach their goals? 

  1. Succeeding in life is not just about who you know, it’s about who knows you.
  2. Question everything; assume nothing; learn the truth.
  3. We all die in the end, so make sure that you live your life to the fullest. 

4-Name the top 3 goals you achieved? 

  1. I survived the hood and beat the odds to make it out without dying or going to jail.
  2. Completed graduate school.
  3. Taught at the collegiate level.
  4. Worked in feature film and received credits on several blockbuster movies.
  5. Became a product manager for at Google.

5-What inspired you to reach your goals? 

A lot of things broke my heart, but fixed my vision. Growing up “New York” in the 80s and 90s, I vowed to remove myself from the lower socioeconomic structures that plagued me as a youth. 

6-How did you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals? 

The difference between me and those who I grew up with is that I am a dreamer who never gave up; I pivot when it’s necessary. I’m aggressive; a quick learner; a teacher; people person; a marketer; a salesman; empathetic; creative; problem solver; a big risk taker; flexible; reliable; team builder; mildly technical; a pragmatic disruptor; and a big picture personality. 

7-How do you keep your inspiration from decreasing? 

Whenever I feel myself losing focus or slowly falling into the abyss, I go home to New York. There’s something nostalgic about reliving my childhood through the lens of a 36 yr old man; it’s humbling.

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