Joshua Hunter (Lancaster, PA)

Career: Program Coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club (Southeast Lancaster) & Business Owner of A Moving & Cleaning Company – Horsemen Movers

Steps towards becoming a Program Coordinator:  I’ve always had a passion for serving the youth from my community. Rita Pierson said ” Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up them, who understands the power of connection, and insist that they become the best that they can possibly be”. I am driven to be that “champion”.

I have taken the time to listen to understand rather than always respond. I’ve allowed my self to interact with people who don’t always agree with my thinking or push me to think deeper and broader. These people consist of dreamers, movers, and shakers. You must create a plan, develop a timeline (be willing to flex this) and continually check that you are making forward progress.

1- What 3 tips would you give someone struggling to reach their goals?

1. You will probably fail first before you win, you must never give up and always keep trying.

2. Never allow your pride to get in the way of your success, ask for help when needed.

3. Create a circle of support and then identify each person’s strength in your support system – because you will use each of these people differently during your journey. Find those who will push you and lean on them during your seasons of uncertainty.

2- Name the top 3 goals you achieved?

1. Owning and operating a Moving/Cleaning Company – Horsemen Movers

2. Creating a project titled “Project Impact Lancaster” That connects our youth with leaders in the community who will show up for them! No questions asked and will walk with them through every unexpected twist and turn that life throws at them.

3. Becoming a father has been one of my greatest joy’s, but my true accomplishment comes with being a present, engaged and involved father because I know the value, that it adds to my children’s development.

3- What inspired you to reach your goals?

Mentors have played a very monumental part in who I am and what my life mission is. I’ve been blessed to have others pour into me, and plant seeds. Those seeds began to bloom as my years have passed. I can only hope that I am reciprocating half of that love, wisdom, and knowledge unto others that cross my path.

My family remains my biggest motivation for success. My children are the next generation, and their success and the opportunities they are afforded keeps me pushing.

4- How did you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals?

Prioritizing my goals and understanding that it’s not possible to reach all my goals at the same time. I’ve also had to learn how to accept no as being one closed door that will open up another. Always remain humble because in the mess is always a message. During the struggles, I’ve found strength and an understanding of self-care.

Last, but not least I’ve always been able to turn to God to regain focus on my “Why” I began my journey – my family was built on prayer.

5- How do you keep your inspiration from decreasing?

I’ve vowed never to allow myself to become complacent. I know there is always more work to be done.

I have built self care into my weekly schedule where I can unselfishly take time just to enjoy me. I also have found a healthy balance between work and my personal life, separating the two has been hard but needed. I also find joy and motivation from my family, and they are always a breath of fresh air, so I’ve included more time just to enjoy them.

Thank you Mr. Joshua Hunter for your time and wisdom!

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