Aimy Avila (Baltimore, MD)

Career: Baltimore City Elementary School Teacher

Steps towards becoming a Teacher: I studied sociology as an undergraduate and realized that our society needed a lot of things to be done differently if we wanted to make this a welcoming and safe world for everyone.

As I took more classes, I learned that the first step in making our world better was by shaping young minds. So, I graduated and looked for alternative teaching programs, that were explicitly focused on training educators to teach in urban settings. I stumbled across a program named Urban Teachers. I applied, got accepted, and completed the program to become an educator in Baltimore city.

1. What 3 tips would you give someone struggling to reach their goals?

#1. It’s when things seem the most difficult that you can’t quit.

#2.Sometimes you have to go back to the drawing board and rearrange the things you had planned to get to your goals.

#3. Celebrate the small victories that will get you closer to your overall goals

2. Name the top 3 goals you achieved?

1. Obtaining my master’s degree from John Hopkins University

2. Becoming financially independent

3. Learning to put my mental health first

3. What inspired you to reach your goals?

My biggest inspiration has been seeing how hard my mother worked to provide me with the opportunities I had growing up
As an educator, my students push me to be the best I can be, so they push me to achieve my goals because it will impact them as well.

4. How did you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals?

Seeking guidance helped out a lot. Sometimes you need another perspective or just to talk it out to get through the difficult parts.

Taking time for myself to reflect and just be, helps. It took my mind off all the pressure I had to achieve my goal. It gave me the clarity to see what changes I needed, to get back on track.

5. How do you keep your inspiration from decreasing?

Well, I think I go through phases where it does decrease for some time. However, when that happens, I try to surround myself around people and things that I know will help reignite that flame.