Welcome to TruUnity!

Who is TruUnity? TruUnity is an eclectic group of people from the African diaspora who are paying it forward by sharing our stories and inspiring black and brown students in the United States.


With a goal of bridging the gap between what students understand as success versus the real life journey that it takes to achieve one’s goals.

As a like-minded collective, our top priority is to educate, uplift, and inspire our black and brown youth to their greatest potential. We believe that exposing them to our experiences, in conjunction to creating apparel geared towards affirming black and brown students limitless future will ensure a lit future. 

TruUnity’s Vision is to increase black and brown household’s net worth to at least $250,000 by 2053. 

Our Founder

Ruby L. Taylor is a Baltimore City resident but was born and raised in The Bronx, NY. She is a graduate of Howard University and Virginia Union University. Ruby is an award-winning independent filmmaker, author, and former School Social Worker.
She has been seen on Blavity, The Undefeated, WGAL, Madamenoire, Tech.co, and other premium channels.

Our Advisor

McKenzy P. Germain Product Manager for Google Chrome

A San Francisco resident who allows his creativity to expand his skills and knowledge in the tech community and beyond. He is talented, and an accomplished product manager – with a passion for operating at the core of business, engineering, and design. A world traveler with many super powers.

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