Tamesha Eley (Baltimore, MD)

Career: Contractor & Entrepreneur (Focus Home Services LLC)

Steps towards becoming a Contractor & Entrepreneur: I was a commercial photographer for many years in New York City. One of my contracts, landed me on the set of the Martha Stewart Show (years ago). I became friendly with the set designer and found out on the side, he fixed old homes. That piqued my interest, and I asked if I could do an apprenticeship under him. He gave me the run around several times, but I kept showing up and finally he taught me everything he knew.

Once I learned the basics, I moved to the DC area and worked under a Foreman who rehabbed homes for 3 years. I perfected my craft, became a certified contractor, and started my own business.

Once I decided I wanted to work on houses, I searched for people who did what I wanted to do and bugged them until they gave me a job. Once I got the job, I learned to be quiet and humbled and soaked in the knowledge. When people see that you are serious, they will help you. But, first you must be serious, and then you must ask for help.

1- Name the top 3 goals you achieved?

I haven’t achieved all of my goals. But my top 3 that I’ve accomplished thus far are:

  1. Acceptance into college on scholarship. I didn’t want student loan debt.
  2. I’ve been able to start and successfully run 3 companies.
  3. Wake up in the morning happy and excited about the day more times than not.

2- What inspired you to reach your goals?

What inspires me to reach my goals is that I’m naturally very competitive. I want to do everything I do to the best of my abilities. Not to beat everyone else but for me and others to know I am good at whatever it is I’m doing. So I surround myself with friends that are extremely talented, driven, and intelligent. They keep me inspired.

3- How did you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals?

I never thought of challenges as obstacles. I just always figured that it was a weakness in some aspect of what I was doing that I needed to work on. Mistakes never bothered me unless it was from me being lazy or careless. But if I made a mistake, I took note of it and made sure not to do it again. These challenges are always a tool to learn more about self. I never saw them as obstacles, just a challenge to be better. I’m not Christian, so I don’t believe that “the devil is getting in my way.”

We all have what we need internally to be great at whatever it is we want to be. The difference is if you will put in the work and find the joy in the process.

4- How do you keep your inspiration from decreasing?

My inspiration decreases it’s the yin and yang in all things. It’s unrealistic to think it won’t. But it’s never for very long. If you find yourself not being excited or motivated to do the thing you think you want to be doing, maybe you should look elsewhere. Clearly, it’s not feeding you what you need.

I’m doing what I want every day. Every day is different, and I’m excited to see what will be. I challenge myself every day. Little things like: Can you do that better, can you do it faster, can it look hotter? Wasting energy trying to stay inspired every single day is like only eating chicken every day…boring.

5- What 3 tips would you give someone struggling to reach their goals?

  1. Be completely honest with yourself.
    Are you the obstacle preventing you from reaching your goal? If so fucking fix it.
    Do you have realistic expectations of what your outcome should be considering the amount of time you have put into this goal?
  2. Network (I’m not just talking about business)
  3. Seek out people that are just as ambitious as you are. They don’t have to do the same thing. That energy is of great support in every aspect of life.
  4. Make plans and then implement them. Plans on paper are nothing without the work.
  5. Let the “NO” be your motivation. I hate when someone tells me I can’t do something.
  6. Breathe, it’s not a race. Be present.

Sorry, I know that’s more than 3 things.

Tamesha Eley is the owner of Focus Home Services LLC in Baltimore, MD.

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